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PhyTip® Columns Containing CaptureSelect™ Resins for Purification of Antibodies and Antibody Fragments

Automation of protein purification processes is a great way to improve the productivity of your lab and achieve reproducible results. PhyNexus, now a part of Biotage, have been supporting Life Science researchers since 2002 by automating their protein expression workflows with patented PhyTip® columns for parallel purification of protein samples in micro-scale. PhyTip columns employ dual-flow chromatography, giving unparalleled binding of key analytes and exceptional recoveries of target proteins, and are simple to use with reproducible performance.


Our customers are scientists at top-tier pharmaceutical companies who rely daily on PhyTip columns for their protein isolation needs. We know protein purification matters to obtain reliable results in downstream assays. So that’s why we provide excellent support to help you set up your assay with PhyTip columns.