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      How to Grow Large Cultures for Automated Plasmid Purification

      Mar 2, 2022 4:47:11 PM / by Megan Gallagher posted in growth optimization, automated plasmid prep, Maxiprep, Miniprep, Megaprep, Gigaprep, cell growth, Terrific Broth, Plasmid, TB, LB, Lysogeny Broth, Culture Growth


      One of the biggest challenges with automated plasmid purification is with culture growth conditions, leading to low yielding cultures. Many times, culture growth is unpredictable and hard to perfect. Large volume culture growth is an additional struggle. But it’s important to optimize your culture growth, because when your culture growth conditions are reliable, your downstream processing will be more successful and higher yielding. Here are a couple recommendations for successful large scale culture growth.

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