Download: Application of High Throughput Resin Tips for Chromatography Development

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In recent years, a drive to expedite drug development timelines has led biologics process development to rely increasingly on high-throughput screening. In order to continue to improve throughput, methods have been developed using resin-filled pipet tips on a liquid handling system with a multi-channel arm. The case study that will be presented is establishment of an affinity chromatography purification method for various monoclonal antibodies, which allows for simultaneous purification of up to 96 samples in a single day. Method optimization required an understanding of how the system differed from a traditional column and included evaluations of different flow rates, contact times, and tip geometries. Comparisons with other high-throughput methods were performed to demonstrate equivalent product quality and sufficient method reliability. Additionally, the methods were compared to traditional columns to show how they differed in terms of yield and pool concentration.