Dual Flow Chromatography

The Underlying Technology of All Our PhyTip Column Products

With our patented PhyTip column technology, we have helped R&D practitioners in life science to automate sample purification workflows for 17 years.  Scientists at top-tier pharmaceutical companies use our PhyTip columns to obtain purified samples of the highest quality. This helps them get results they can rely on - every time. 

Our unique PhyTip column design enables automated sample processing by dual flow chromatography (DFC). DFC is a unique type of chromatography for automated sample purification on standard liquid handling systems. Protein and plasmid purification using PhyTip columns and DFC gives researchers unique advantages.

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Easy to Automate

Automation is easy and straightforward for both protein and plasmid purification on standard liquid handling robots.

Our customers use either our own automation systems or equipment already available in their labs. We offer PhyTip columns for all major liquid handling systems and support our customers in setting up the automated protocols.

Gentle Purification

DFC is a gentle purification technique that maintains the native state of the biomolecule and ensures the protein or plasmid will still be active after the purification. PhyTip column technology also gives up to 95% pure samples.

Unique Design

PhyTip columns have a unique design, with the resin packed between two thin frit screens in the tip of a single-use pipette tip. PhyTip columns are available with several different affinity resins and chromatography resins for protein purification and plasmid purification.


Sample Enrichment

Our unique column design with a packed resin bed results in the target biomolecule being actively transported through the resin bed volume. In this way, the entire sample binds to a small volume of resin and can be eluted in small volumes. The result is a highly concentrated pure sample that is optimal for further analyses.

High Recovery

Processing samples by DFC ensures complete binding of the protein to the packed resin bed. Protein purification by PhyTip columns enables up to 95% sample recovery.


Each step during the purification process is driven to completion by DFC, before proceeding to the next step. This means that results are predictable, highly reproducible and high quality results are achieved every time. In addition, the purification processes are completely scalable and the same results are obtained regardless of resin or sample size.

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Capture - Wash - Elute

This is Dual Flow Chromatography

Protein and plasmid purification by PhyTip columns and DFC are performed in three easy steps - capture, wash and elute. In each step, the liquid passes in and out of the PhyTip columns and across the packed resin bed several times. This repeated back-and-forth flow over the resin bed provides sufficient time to compensate for the slow interaction kinetics associated with large biomolecules such as proteins and plasmids. This ensures that all binding interactions in each step are completed.

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Can Dual Flow Chromatography Handle Different Sample Sizes?

PhyTip columns can be used for sample processing of any sample size. The special hydrophilic frit of bio-compatible polymer enables pipetting of small volumes down to 10 μL. 

How Does the Resin Bed Volume Affect Elution Volume?

The packed resin bed of the PhyTips enable elution in very small elution volumes. As a rule of thumb, the minimal elution volume is typically three times the resin volume. This means that for a 5 μL resin bed, an elution volume of 15 μL can be used.

How Do I Select what Resin Volume I Need?

That depends on the amount of protein to be purified and the capacity of the resin. Typically, we recommend using a resin volume with a capacity of 3 times the amount of protein to be captured for an effective process.

How are PhyTip Columns QC Tested?

PhyTip columns are tested for structure, dimensions, back pressure and flow at multiple steps in the manufacturing  process. Each column is tested and the resins in the column have been tested for capacity.

How do I Automate my Protocol with PhyTip Columns?

We provide excellent service in helping our customers automate their workflows with PhyTip columns and have vast experience in this.

Contact us to discuss your workflow.

What Automated Liquid Handling Platforms are Compatible with PhyTip Columns?

PhyTip columns are available compatible with all major robotic systems including Tecan, Agilent, Beckman, Perkin Elmer/Caliper, Dynamic Devices and Hamilton robotic systems.  

How Should I Store my PhyTip Columns?

Our PhyTip columns are shipped at ambient temperatures.

PhyTip columns should be stored at between 4 - 8 ºC. Do NOT freeze or store frozen. When not in use, keep the lid of the box closed and sealed so the PhyTip columns do not dry out. 

Are PhyTip Columns Sterile?

No, but the PhyTip columns are resistant to bacterial growth since they are shipped in a buffer containing a bactericide. Depending on the resin, the columns may be treated or conditioned with ethanol/water prior to use.